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Improving depth-sensor range by 50%

One of the key performance indicators (KPI) of any depth-sensor is its range. In many applications the ability to sense an object from far away is paramount to the ability of the system to react in time.

Industries like Automotive, Security, Transport & Construction rely heavily on depth sensing and use it as the single most important parameter to enable automation.

In this case a company developing a high resolution depth sensor was not meeting its spec, and pouring extreme resources to understand the reason why. Over 4 month & 10 engineers labored intensively to no avail.

Using Vanti, internal measurements, simulation outputs, & experimentation results were analyzed to produce actionable insights. One of which was:



  • Depth Sensing sensor for mission critical application

  • Data from internal telemetries & real life measurements

  • spec missed by 50%


  • A simple configuration setting, that can be implemented in 0 time.

  • Range increase by 50%

  • spec met!

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