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5G ASIC - a release stopping impairment

Updated: Jan 13

Chips designed to support the upcoming 5G networks are highly complex systems usually comprised of several chips or sub-components.

In this case, the client had collected a very large data set from calibration and performance testing at great cost in time and dedicated personnel.

The chip was to be released very shortly yet it suffered from a grave impairment stopping the product's release. Great efforts were put in to investigate the root cause and identify ways to overcome the impairment.

Using Vanti the impairment's root cause was found from the data in an explainable way - a closed-form formula. Vanti's insights pointed out the 3 most important parameters out of over 2000 as well as recommend corrective actions that can be implemented quickly.

Vanti was able to speed up the root cause analysis effort by X6.



  • A highly complex system - comprised of several chips

  • Large data set - calibration and performance testing

  • Each data point is expensive


  • Explain release-blocking impairment

  • Pinpoint 3 most important factors contributing to the impairment out of >2000



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