Full Stack Developer


Our philosophy is simple...

We are looking for people we imagine building an empire with, making great products together.

We value teamwork & responsibility above all and consider every single member of Vanti to be a perfect mix of professional ability and leadership.

As part of our team, you’ll take an active role in developing Vanti’s AI based data science platform and get a chance to work with cutting-edge technologies.


Our Stack: 

  • NodeJs, React, (advantage - Python)

  • AWS services, Docker, K8S, MongoDB, Terraform

You will

  • Design to production of complex modules & features in customer-facing products

  • Be the complete owner of your work

  • Develop new features and backend infrastructure enhancements on Vanti’s data science platform.

  • Collaborate with data science and data acquisition teams to integrate new data sources and data pipelines into the product.

  • Working in an Agile environment and delivering high-quality features in high volume.


Who you are: 

  • someone who gets things done! 💪🏼

  • someone great at figuring stuff out 🧩

  • someone people like to work with 🍺


Must have 👍🏼

  • At least 5 years experience in the industry (or tech unit service + 3 years) 

  • Excellent knowledge of Node.js and JavaScript frameworks (react/angular)

  • Experience in building frontend & backend high-performance systems

  • Comprehensive expertise in Object-Oriented Design, Software Architecture, Algorithms & Data Structures

  • Experience working with any SQL & NoSQL environments (e.g mysql, mongodb, elastic, dynamodb, redis)

  • A team player


  • Hands-on experience in big data pipelines (Spark / Hadoop / Elastic)

  • Familiar with AWS technologies

  • Experience in serverless solutions and micro-services architecture on cloud infrastructures while solving high volume / low response time problems

  • NoSQL \ SQL experience



  • Experience with Data Science techniques

  • Experience or contribution to high-profile open-source projects.

  • A public repo with past work


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