How can I start working with Vanti?

It’s very easy!

The best way to start is to schedule a demo with us. 

What kind of insights can I expect?

Vanti analyzes your data to understand the underlying model and produce actionable insights about

  • Root cause analysis

  • Opportunities to improve performance

  • Zero in on the most important parameters

  • Reduce testing scope & time

  • Accurate data-driven predictive models

  • interactions/relationships between parameters and features within your data

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Who should use Vanti?

Vanti is designed specifically for operations professionals in digitized manufacturing facilities

Do I need a data scientist to use Vanti?

Vanti is your personal automated data scientist, ready to answer any question you have regarding your data and to provide actionable insights. Just upload the data and Vanti’ll do the rest.

What is a Model and what is a “KPI”?

A Model is a single relationship between 1 parameter (the “KPI”) and all other parameters.
You can build how many models you wish based on a single data set, each will have its own model and insights.

What kind of data is supported?

Data types of all kinds (numbers, text, binary, etc.) are fully supported.

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What’s the minimum size of a dataset for insights?

For a deployable model, we usually recommend a dataset from a repeatable / established process or manufacturing line. 

For quick analysis & insights, you can use even small data sets from batch testing.

Where is my data stored and how is it safe?

There are two options for deploying Vanti’s platform:

Hybrid  training on Vanti’s side & deployment on Client’s side


A hybrid solution allows for offline training and or partial maintenance work done on Vanti’s virtual private cloud while deploying the production model on the customer’s private cloud or virtual private cloud. This allows the customer to avoid using its IT infrastructure on training and maintenance tasks.


On-prem  training & deployment on-prem


When choosing an on-prem solution, Vanti will install itself on a private cloud or virtual private cloud environment conforming to the customer's infrastructure and practices. This ensures the customer’s data, models, and IP are strictly confined to its IT infrastructure.

Who can view my data?

Vanti has three built-in user roles: Super Admin, Administrator, and Viewer.


  • Super Admin: an account with unrestricted access, used only by Vanti’s Customer Success managers and engineers. This account can access all the data and Prediction Tasks, add users and revoke access rights, demote and promote users, and close an account.

  • Administrators: accounts given to clients for users who are allowed to view, create, delete and run Tasks.

  • Viewers: accounts given to clients for users who have no editing rights at all, and can only access the results and properties of given Prediction Tasks. 

Please note the Viewer accounts are not supported in the trial phase product


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