Data-Driven Models for Manufacturers

to optimize production and increase reliability


Our philosophy is simple...

We are looking for people who we imagine building an empire with, making great products together.

We value teamwork & responsibility above all and consider every single member of Vanti to be a perfect mix of professional ability and leader.


Our Stack: not limited to any framework, if you're good you're good 😉


Who you are: 

  • someone who gets things done! 💪🏼

  • someone great at figuring stuff out 🧩

  • someone people like to work with 🍺


Must have 👍🏼

  • At least 5 years of experience in Data Science development

  • Experience in deep-learning modeling

  • Good understanding of data structures and data architecture principles



  • Shared repository of data science and\or ML applications you built

  • Experience with big data frameworks

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