make things better.

a Self-Service SaaS platform built for Electronics Manufacturers. 

with Vanti, operations managers can increase bottom-line productivity in hours by focusing on each unit.


run time / planned run time

changeovers halt production until the root cause is understood

learn how Vanti can

speed up root cause analysis by X5


cycle time 

long tests & processes slow down production

learn how Vanti can

reduce test time by X10


good count / total count

defect & premium units take up valuable time and resources,

learn how Vanti can

provide early stoppage for premium or defect unit for 10% of units

explainable model

a model from data you can actually understand...

Vanti answers your question with a white-box model. 

models one can clearly understand, how they produce predictions, and what the influencing variables are.

challenge → value in hours

a new model in a train time of hours

Vanti's unique IP is able to build a deploy-able model, automatically, from real-time data in a matter of hours. tackle new challenges, or react to changeovers in hours rather than weeks.

self service

no one in the loop

Vanti connects to all data sources, trains, and deploys a production model without the need of any person in the loop. 

each unit, at each stage

value per unit

great companies focus on product, and so does Vanti. 

Vanti creates value by being unit-centric and provide real-time value and insights for each unit, at each stage.


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