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A Self-Service SaaS platform built for Electronics Manufacturers. ​
See an increase in productivity in hours with automated data analysis.
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What will you gain if you use Vanti?

X10 faster volume ramp-up
50% less quality loss
10% more throughput

Explainable model

A model you can actually understand

Vanti answers your question with a white-box model. Models one can clearly explain how it behaves, how they produce predictions, and what the influencing variables are.

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Model within hours

Flexible & up-to-date

Vanti's unique IP is able to build a deploy-able model, automatically, from real time data in a matter of hours. Tackle new challenges, or react to changeovers in hours rather than week.

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Self service


Vanti connects to all data sources, trains, and deploys a production model without the need of any person in the loop.

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